We-ll write here the most impressive cases that need our help. We rely on our foreign friends also to help these unfortunate kids have a decent life.


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  1. Since 2004 „A Thousand Books” has been sending English-language books to selected schools and libraries throughout Romania. Since 2004 we have sent almost 80.000 books in all corners of the country.


    We take donated books from St. Louis and inspect and sort them and send them to qualified programs. Our city is very generous with her books, so our biggest challenge is paying the shipping costs.

    We are pleased with any level of donation. It costs about $25 to send one box of books. Donations can come to a PayPal link on our site or to a Romanian bank account : RO 79 RZBR 0000060010028480, Mariana Duma- owner and I pick up the money in USA via her bank debit card.

    Feel free to contact me directly for details (in English, please).

    John Korst
    A Thousand Books
    director @ AThousandBooks.us

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